HOT TOPIC (25-30 minutes)
Avoiding Distracted Driving
AUTO LESSONS (25-30 minutes)
Avoiding Aggressive Driving
Avoiding Collisions: Changing Lanes
Avoiding Collisions: Intersections
Avoiding Collisions: Parking Lots
Avoiding Distracted Driving
DUI – Not Worth the Risk
Managing Your Time and Speed
(Coaching) One-Second Advantage™
(The) One-Second Advantage™
Preventing Rear-End Collisions
Protecting Yourself and Your Vehicle
Ready to Drive
Traffic Signals and Signs
MINI LESSONS (7-10 minutes)
Breakdown Safety
Driving in the Rain
Driving Next to Large Trucks
Maintaining Your Vehicle
Proper Use of Seatbelts and Airbags
Tire Pressure: Mileage and Traction
Using Your ABS Brakes
Winter at the Wheel
The One-Second Advantage™
Six Lessons in Defensive Driving
Avoiding Collisions: Backing
Avoiding Collisions: Changing Lanes
Avoiding Collisions: Intersections
Avoiding Distracted Driving
Driver Logs
Driving After Dark
Hours of Service
Managing Your Time and Speed
Preventing Rear-End Collisions
Winter Driving
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Developed by experts in safety and adult learning, DriverCare Web-Based Training™ engages drivers through high-impact graphics, crisp audio, interactive exercises and simulations.

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Learn techniques that help create an extra margin of safety in a wide range of critical driving situations. Lessons are 25 to 30 minutes in length, and include review sessions and a final exam. Answer all questions correctly and earn a downloadable, customized Certificate of Achievement.

Base price: $14.95-auto lessons
$18.95-truck lessons

These 7-10 minute refreshers cover an additional range of safety topics and are aimed at reinforcing essential driving practices that can save lives and money.

Base price: $7.95-auto mini-lessons

Our core offering is the One-Second Advantage™ course in defensive driving. Includes six pre-packaged lessons for less than the price of five. Covers the most common causes of auto collisions.

Base price: $72.95-per auto course

If you’re responsible for a group of trainees and don’t know how many or what specific titles you’ll need, our Flex Purchase option is the right choice. Pay now for a specific quantity of lessons, choosing from our entire inventory. Your Flex Purchase is available for one year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

Base price: $14.95-auto lessons
  $18.95-truck lessons

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